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With the launch of our podcast and recording of our first few episodes, several important “Why Not?” type events have been closing in on us, and we have not had a chance to adequately cover them on the podcast.  To prevent any of our followers from missing out on these opportunities I wanted to bring them to your attention here.  As these occur, we will discuss them and relate to how they did, or did not fit into a “Why Not?” life.

The Discovery Zone Genghis Khan Exhibit:
As I (Will) have been recently married, I am claiming this as “Our first excursion to see a Genghis Khan Exhibit at Discovery Zone” as a married couple.  A bit exact, but true nonetheless.  This was presented to me by my wife and has been something on her short-term bucket list that she wants to experience before it leaves Charlotte.  Since my Nerd-cred. includes history I of course had to say “Why Not?”  and agreed to check it out this weekend.  With any luck, i will convince my wife to provide her opinion of this Exhibit as well as a guest speaker.

It is running from November 19th to April 30th at The Discovery Zone (in Uptown Charlotte).  See the link for tickets and details.


Banff Film Festival:
This is without a doubt one of the most “Why Not?” events someone can be a part of.  At the first one I went to, the host specifically warned people to take a 3-day cool-down period before handing in their two week notice so they could go hike The Gates of the Artic, or climb K2.  It is an entire film festival dedicated to people embracing wild ideas and challenging their life with “Why Not?”.  I unfortunately have to mention that we got some of the last few tickets for the Charlotte showing, and as of today this event is sold out.  The film festival travels to multiple cities though, and if it has not come yet, consider going as it has been a great experience every time I have seen it.

Abbey Road:
So, this entire event is Paul Simon’s fault.  You see, my wife (still Will here) REALLY wanted to see Paul Simon, but for some ungodly reason he decided that 6pm on a TUESDAY was the best time to hold a concert, and the PNC Ampitheater across the entire city from us.  As an open word of advice to Paul, you still have fans that have day jobs and aren’t retired yet!   But I digress, looking to satisfy our appetite for some classic music, we found a local cover-band “Abbey Road” performing at Charlotte’s Visulite Theater (April 7th, doors open at 7pm).  It is a cover-band that specifically plays The Beatles music from “Abbey Road”.  We have both heard great things, and are looking forward to the concert.  I will see if I succeed on getting wife-input on a Podcast for this also…

Big Mamma’s House of Burlesque Presents: Fan-tastic Fantasy Burlesque:
So I’ve mentioned it as an example twice, and for good reason.  I (Will) went to one of these the first year I made it to Charlotte and was undoubtedly impressed.  It does not do the event justice to classify it as simply a strip-tease performance.  While it may be “mature content”, each performer has their own interpretation of burlesque, and seeing the variety of ideas and expression can transport the audience to a whole new dimension for an evening.  I am saying this from a memory roughly two years old, so I am excited to experience this again and give it a proper review on my podcast.  I think there is something very “Why Not?” about having these performers put themselves out there on stage.  No pun intended.  The Fantastic Fantasy Burlesque will also be hosted at the Visulite Theater (April 8th, doors open at 8pm).

Loch Norman Highland Games:
Unbeknownst to me when I (Will) moved here, there is a rather large Scottish and Irish population surrounding Charlotte, NC.  This brings with it some amazing Irish culture and venues, and one event that I have missed for the last three years running:  The Highland Games!  I am focused on making it this year (April 8th and 9th on Historic Rural Hill).  I am excited to see the events and try the food.  I definitely want to circle back on this event once I get the experience under my belt.

CPCC Skyline Run (5k):
In our upcoming podcast, Preparing for “Why Not?” Part 1, we will be discussing things that we can all do to be better prepared for “Why Not?”.  As a key topic, we both believe that taking care of oneself physically is extremely important.  As a challenge to myself, I have agreed to run a 5k race within 5 weeks of recording the show.  I have found many great running sites that list the runs happening around Charlotte.  I choose the CPCC Skyline run, starting at 8am on April 22.  Wish me luck guys, I’m (Will) already up to 1.8 miles as of 3/22/17.  Ben has agreed to join me if I make my goal, and my wife is doing the walk 5k option.  We are all excited to increase our activity this summer.

So that’s definitely a short-ton of events to tackle in the upcoming weeks.  I’m excited for us to see all that we can and get some new experiences under our belt.  Let us know if you find any unique events to explore in Charlotte, or in  your own home town.




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