Episode 6 – Sweat, Love and Big Mama D

Channeling his inner “Finding Nemo” mantra, Will tells himself “Just Keep Running” as he completes his first ever organized 5k race. We visit the hurdles, thoughts and systems Will used to go from Netflix and Chill to running his way up and down these Charlotte North Carolina Hills.

On the opposite end of the Spectrum, Ben taps into his “softer” side and tells us about his 30 days of hugs goal. We hear about the awkwardness of becoming a “Hugging” type of man and the unexpected realizations of it all.

Lastly, we recap Will’s latest visit to Big Mama D’s house. We discuss the sights, sounds and strange take-aways from Will’s visit to a touring “Burlesque Show”.

Strap in as we recap the last few weeks apart and have fun in a completely unscripted episode.

Welcome to the Why Not Perspective: Live!

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Management Consultant by trade. Late 20s. As a new transplant to Charlotte, North Carolina, I'm constantly exploring new activities. This Podcast / Blog is a summation of a lifestyle and paradigm resulting in living with the attitude of "Why Not?"