If You’ve Got The Money, Honey – I’ve Got The Time

“If you’ve got the money, honey – I’ve got the time” – Willie Nelson.

In this episode, Ben and Will talk about relationships, travel and living with your pocketbook in mind. We’ve all gone on dates or out with friends and checked our bank statements the next morning thinking “Oh Boy”. Whether it be the dinner date, drinks with friends, or the post going out meal (Taco Bell or Jack In Box Tacos have a way of sounding amazing after 2 AM), we’ve all had to reign ourselves in a bit.

We explore courting, dating, marriage, friendship and travel without going insolvent.

And we attack the age old question of “Is it OK to use a Group-on (Coupon) on a date?”

Tune in to this week’s installment of The Why Not Perspective.



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Management Consultant by trade. Late 20s. As a new transplant to Charlotte, North Carolina, I'm constantly exploring new activities. This Podcast / Blog is a summation of a lifestyle and paradigm resulting in living with the attitude of "Why Not?"