“Life Is A Highway, I Want To Ride It All Night Long”

In this installment of The Why Not Perspective, Will and Ben discuss a book titled “Road Trip Nation” and its unique (unorthodox) advice for approaching life. This book birthed “The Why Not Perspective” in Will and Ben.

In a similar vein, your hosts discuss some of the Best “Self Help” advice they have heard and dispel much of the nonsense that floats in the “Self Help” World.

Feel free to learn more about the Road Trip Nation by visiting:ROAD TRIP NATION

Buckle yourselves in and enjoy the ride.





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Management Consultant by trade. Late 20s. As a new transplant to Charlotte, North Carolina, I'm constantly exploring new activities. This Podcast / Blog is a summation of a lifestyle and paradigm resulting in living with the attitude of "Why Not?"