Give Me The Good Stuff

Woman drinking coffee directly from a beverage dispenser

In this installment of The Why Not Perspective, Will decides to back off of the Black Gold (Coffee) for a bit and realizes that its going to be a little harder than he imagined. Having successfully completed his New Years Resolution, Ben identifies with the challenges of kicking a habit that becomes a regular part of life.

This sparks a conversation about vices and why we should take a hard look at the things in our lives that can be considered a “vice”. We delve into the major time sucks of modern-day life (Facebook, Twitter, Video Games, etc.) and some of the social crutches that can easily become a vice if left unchecked.

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Management Consultant by trade. Late 20s. As a new transplant to Charlotte, North Carolina, I'm constantly exploring new activities. This Podcast / Blog is a summation of a lifestyle and paradigm resulting in living with the attitude of "Why Not?"