TWNP: Ep. 18. “A Whole New World”

Welcome back to TWNP! This episode is fairly unique insofar as Ben is back on the road and Will is post major exam. Taking this into account, we delve into the world of “Why Not take an impromptu trip / travel?”

In this episode, we discuss the beauty of traveling for work, pleasure and a special combination of both.

Are you a checked bag type? Carry on type? TSA Pre-Check or suffer the lines type?

In this episode, our hosts deep dive into traveling and how to maximize your time enjoying the new experience and how to minimize your time dealing with the nonsense of that is modern day travel.


Tune in and leave your comments how to travel more effectively!

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Management Consultant by trade. Late 20s. As a new transplant to Charlotte, North Carolina, I'm constantly exploring new activities. This Podcast / Blog is a summation of a lifestyle and paradigm resulting in living with the attitude of "Why Not?"