To An Absent Friend

I’ve been trying to figure out how to start this post for hours.  These last few days have been a shocking and devastating experience for me,  my wife, and all of our friends here.  On the morning of Black Friday, I reached out to Ben and my friend David to strategize on recording a podcast we had been been struggling with for months due to our conflicting schedules.  After messaging to confirm the recording time, I received a phone call from Ben’s girlfriend informing me that he had passed away during the Turkey Trot the day before.

It is not my place to share what few specifics I know regarding his passing, other than to say that it was completely unforeseeable and unexpected by all of us.  We are all grieving and struggling to move forward after the lost of a such a good friend.

In truth I only knew Ben for a short while, about a year and a half, if memory serves me right.  We connected over some of the best parts of our podcast: bourbon, cigars, and quasi-philosophical discussions over nothing in particular.  I give him kudos in helping me get to not just one, but two 5k runs last summer.  In that short time, we had some great experiences together, and a fantastic adventure building and growing this podcast.

Ben always had an ambitious and hard-working nature.  He could be competitive when it came to sports and work, but not nearly as much as he could be supportive.  He went above and beyond when it came to helping his friends, whether it was showing up at 7:30 a.m. for a 5k run (to help me battle my office-chair-itis), or not once, but twice looking out for Ayesha when it came time for her to make a career change.  He even went out of his way to come and see us at the beginning of this week due to Ayesha having to change plans last minute for her birthday party.

I did not expect his visit on Tuesday to be his last.  I know I, like the rest of us, will miss him terribly.  My wife and I are grateful for the time that we had him in our lives.  We are duly grateful that we were able to share yet some more experiences with him earlier this week in proper why-not fashion.

So I titled this post as a toast, and I intend to make it such.  I hope you will all join me in remembering a great friend.



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