Thank you for listening

I wish I had better news for our listeners.  After thinking about this for over a week, I have decided to stop The Why Not Perspective for the foreseeable future.  I will leave the podcast up for another week for those who want to download any remaining episodes before discontinuing our hosting service.

This decision did not come easily.  I originally  had a loose idea for this website/podcast and shared it with Ben back when we first met.  He provided some great insight and help with maturing the concept for The Why Not Perspective into what we launched 21 episodes ago.  His personality and focus was a defining aspect of this podast.

The Why Not Perspective is not the same experience for me without Ben here to steer it with.  I decided that my best course of action right now is to end the podcast on our high note.  I hope you all enjoyed listening and exploring the why not perspective with us.

I did love this experience of sharing our ideas and thoughts with everyone, and I definitely plan to start a new concept in the future when inspiration hits.  For those of you who wish to continue following me, please make sure you are following The Why Not Perspective Facebook page.  I will keep that in existence as a point of contact for all of our current listeners for when I launch something new.

My best wishes to all of you.  Thank you for sharing this experience with us.

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